Effective Sunburn Treatments For Quick Recovery

Going out in the sun cannot be avoided, but sometimes when your skin is exposed to the sun for too long, there are chances that you will get a sunburn. There are some homemade sunburn remedies that you can use for sunburn treatment. These sunburn tips are easy to follow and extremely effective too. These sunburn remedies will not immediately reverse the effect of the sunburn, they will obviously take time to work. But these sunburn tips are surely going to help make the healing process faster. Read how to remove pimples overnight fast using home remedies.

Effective Sunburn Treatments For Quick Recovery:

Sunburn Treatments

Sunburn Treatments

1) When you get a sunburn, you should immediately take a bath in cold water. Mix this cold water with baking soda. Just add a few tablespoons of it. Keep your soaking time to 15-20 minutes, because if you soak yourself for too long your skin will dry up even more than before and get scaly. After you have showered, do not dry yourself with the towel. Let yourself get dried up from the air. If you rub anything over your body, you will end up wiping off the baking soda off your body.

2) Another option is oatmeal for the treatment of sunburn. You can add it to the cool water and shower with it. It provides instant relief. Do not use cold water, use normal water only. If you use cold water you have the risk of sending your body into shock. While you are taking a bath do not use any bath salts, oils or any bubble bath or bath bomb. Instead of this, add one and a half cup of oatmeal to the cool water. If you cannot find oatmeal, you can use Aveeno, that is an oatmeal powder found in pharmacies. Follow the instructions on the packet and air dry yourself after the bath. Do not use a towel.

3) Aloe Vera is also very effective in the case of sun burns. It can take the redness and sting out of the sunburn. You can find the plant in the local nursery. Just slit open the leaves and take the gel and apply it to the burnt area directly. Repeat this process at least 6 times daily for several days.

 Effective Sunburn Treatments For Quick Recovery:

4) Applying a cool compress is also very relieving if you are sunburnt. Soak a washcloth in cool water and apply the cloth to the sunburnt area. This sunburn treatment should be repeated several times a day. You can also add baking soda or oatmeal to the water that you soaked this cloth in.

5) Taking a bath in a bathtub of cold water is good sunburnt skin too. Avoid using any cosmetics or soap though. They can irritate your skin and cause side effects. But if you are someone who finds it hard to get out of the bath tub quickly, then you should take a shower, because staying in the water for too long will make it dry and scaly. Do not dry yourself with a towel or washcloth. Let yourself get air dried to cure sunburn problem.

6) Sunburn treatments like soaking yourself in water can cause your skin to get dried up and make it look more lizard like. So it is important that you keep it moisturized. Apply a moisturizer instantly after your bath. You can keep the moisturizer in the fridge as it gives it a cool effect.

7) Potatoes are a good homemade remedy for sunburn treatment. Take two potatoes and peel them. Cut them in halves and put them in the blender and blend them until they are in a liquid form. Pat the burnt areas with the potato water.

8) Another easy sunburn treatment is drinking a lot of water. Your sunburnt skin is obviously dehydrated too, so you are supposed to drink a lot of water after that. It will help recover from the sunburn more quickly.



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