Health Benefits of Honey and Lemon to Cure Diseases

Honey is mostly loved by people because of its sweet taste while lemon is liked for making juice and for its citrus taste. In fact people know that both lemon and honey are well recommended by doctors for their various health benefits. Honey and lemon both have antioxidant and antibacterial properties which help in boosting one’s immune system. Health benefits of honey and lemon are numerous as if they are combine together they can help in weight loss as well as in improvement of hair and skin condition. Here are some health benefits of honey and lemon.


Health Benefits of Honey and Lemon To cure Diseases:

You can treat Bronchitis, Cough, and Asthma by using honey with lemon. You can create an expectorant by mixing honey with lemon. Both of these ingredients will help in removing phlegm found in the respiratory tract if they are mixed and taken together. Lemon with honey have many benefits for weight loss, hair and skin.

Combination of lemon with honey will work better than cough syrups. For combining honey with lemon, simply add 2 teaspoon of lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and drink it quite a few times in a day. Honey and lemon benefits by alleviating chest as well as nasal congestion. It can also relieve sore throat.

You can treat Pimples and Acne by taking the benefits of honey and lemon as they both are antibacterial items. Honey with lemon are also anti-inflammatory because they can get deep into our skin to remove impurities which are clogs the pores. Honey and lemon can be mixed and applied on skin directly to help in keeping skin smooth, wrinkle free, and fresh. As we know lemon exfoliates in removing sun burn, acne, and other blemishes.

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You can treat insect bites and wounds by using lemon and honey together. They have antiseptic function. Benefits of honey and lemon are not only help in healing process but they can also stop infection from setting in. The sugar substance found in honey helps in eliminating microorganisms in the wound or bite while lemon decreases the chances of swelling due to bacteria. Drinking lemon with honey tonic can help in healing process from infections or wounds.



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