How to Control High Blood Pressure without Medicine

In this article, you will learn what High Blood Pressure (H.B.P) is, what normal blood Pressure is, and how to control High Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure is very chronic, one has to take more care who is suffering from this. High B.P is defined as the systolic pressure (upper number) is 140 or above it and diastolic pressure (lower number) is 90 or blow than it. Beside medication, you can also control it by changing your lifestyle.

High Blood Pressure is one of the main reasons of Heart attacks especially in Men. Actually, Heart attack is another name of High Blood Pressure. It is very necessary to take your High B.P serious and takes proper steps to control it.Foods for blood pressure

How to Control High Blood Pressure without Medicine

Here, I am giving you some tips to control high blood pressure by changing your life style and adding some small rules in your daily routine.

  • More weight is one of the reasons for high blood pressure. If you lose your weight, then your blood pressure will also get low. As high blood pressure is directly affected by gaining or losing weight. So, if you have high blood pressure then by the consultancy of doctor you should try to reduce your weight. Surely, you will observe that you will control your blood pressure.
  • You should observe your weight around your waistline. Because more weight around the waistline is also the cause of high blood pressure. (For Men having a waistline more than 40 inches is dangerous. For women waistline with more than 35 inches is dangerous and can cause high blood pressure).
  • You can also reduce your blood pressure by doing exercise. As it will help you also to minimize your hypertension and make your mind fresh. You will observe that by making a habit of doing exercise, after a few days your blood pressure will be controlled.
  • Take a healthy diet. Use fresh fruits and vegetables. Add dairy products having low fats and cholesterol in your diet plan.
  • Reduce the amount of sodium in your meal. Salt contains sodium, so the person facing high blood pressure should try to take less amount of salt in daily meal. This will help you to reduce the high blood pressure.How to control Blood Pressure
  • If you are addicted to drink alcohol, then reduce it. Because, it can also be good and bad at the same time. If you take a small amount of it, it will reduce your blood pressure quickly, but on the other habit if you drink it in more amount, it will increase your blood pressure to very high level.



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