How to Deal with Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be caused due to any reason and can happen to anyone no matter what age or gender we talk about. Panic is something that is basically caused by stress a person takes and looses self control in that moment. As if the person has no control over it. Panic attack can become worse for some people and some people can handle it. However, most people fail to deal with panic attack. At times, not only one tension is the cause, in fact many things pile up in your brain that causes the attack at some point when you cannot take it anymore. What are the best Heart Burn Remedies and How to control Diabetes without Medicine.

How to Deal with Panic Attacks:

First lets talk about how does a panic attack gets visible? Do you feel something fluttering in your stomach? Do you have trouble focusing around you? Do you get high pulse rate, sweaty palms and fast breathing? Do you feel at the verge of break down? does your mind seem to have shut down? If your answer is yes to all the questions above then you are a victim of panic attacks!

Deal With Panic Attack

Deal With Panic Attack

1) Be the boss:

To deal with panic attack, you need to teach your body and mind to overcome it. Have faith in yourself and make sure nothing can affect your mind but you. Be the boss of the situation and do not let your feelings raid you.

 2) calm:

Try to stay calm even through the worst stressful moments. Breathe long in and out a few times to calm your nerves then think about what you want to do. Tell yourself that nothing can get solved without focus and panic will not take you any where.

3) do not try to run:

Well sometimes we also mean this practically. As we say never run from your fears, it is similar in this case as well. Do not run away from the cause of the panic or panic itself. For example, if you have faced a stressful and panicked situation at a shopping mall, do not run away from the mall to calm down and deal with panic attack. In fact stay there amd try to calm yourself untill you get total control of the situation.

Try to act totally normal, trust me this act will help you deal with it.

4) Thinking:

You always will need to distract yourself to deal with panic attack. No matter how bad the situation is always try this technique. You will need to keep your mind occupied with any thought possible. For example start counting backwards or start multiplying numbers. This will actually drive away the panic and the distraction will work pretty well until you are calmed and passed from the high phase.

5) Mind over heart:

Though this tips may vary from person to person and from situation to situation but it is quite a tip after all. Always choose what your mind says during panic and try not to go for something that your heart says. Your mind still might be able to make a bbter decision but your heart can totally go out of control and even give up at times. But again, it depends and the tip can be totally reversed too.

 Panic is bad, but you can learn self control from it if you have expertise in dealing with it. It takes time though and experience makes you good at everything. Just do not fear panic, let it come and kick it out of your system right away to show it who is the boss. You can definitely learn a lot by these ways to deal with panic attack.



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