How To Get Rid of Head Lice Permanently

Head lice is the worst thing any person can face. Nobody likes to have head lice and it can be quite contagious for the other people around you . It can even be embarrassing because one day it might become visible. The problem with lice is that it multiplies in no time and it has a stubborn nature and getting rid of head lice can be quite a challenge for you. If you do not treat it on time it can increase over very little time making it a disaster for you. Head lice also affects your hair pretty badly making them rough and ugly.

The problem seems to be common in young children and even children who are lice free can still have a chance to get this through direct contact with the liced-head person. You really need to know how to get rid of head lice if you are a victim. This article is helpful to find the answers of following questions: how to get rid of lice permanently? and  how to get rid of lice naturally without using some special treatments of lice removing?

How To Get Rid of Head Lice Permanently:

get rid of head lice

get rid of head lice

1) Be prepared:

You need to prepare yourself and prepare to stay patient for a long time. Because lice will not leave you any sooner. The problem is basically the eggs of the lice. Lice itself can be easily taken out of your hair but little eggs are too stubborn and may not leave your hair easily. these eggs multiply making your hair full of lice eggs. You might get rid of lice one day but even one egg can recreate the lice again in your hair. you need to make sure your head is free of lice before you discontinue the treatment.

2) anti-lice Shampoos:

You can use anti-lice shampoos to kill the lice in your hair. standard shampoos are supposed to be applied to your hair for some minutes then is to be washed off. Make sure you do not wash your hair right after the application because it will not affect the lice appropriately. Other anti-lice medicines can also be used to kill them, some oils contain anti-lice ingredients which are quite strong and help you get a lice free hair.

3) Nit comb for lice:

Use a nit comb to take out the lice from your hair. It will best work on half wet and half dry hair. After you shower make sure you thoroughly use a nit comb through your hair. when your hair are partially dry again repeat the nit comb method. repeat this as many times as you can. at least once on wet hair and then on dry hair whenever you get time. Drain the lice that has come out of your hair as it can fly back into your hair if left un-handled. do this process in your washroom and flush them down the drain with water. Another effective way is to apply oil for an hour and then use the nit comb. It will do wonders and remove lice from hairs.

 How To Get Rid of Head Lice Permanently:

get rid of head lice

get rid of head lice

4) Advanced way to remove lices:

Another way to get rid of head lice is that you get rid of the eggs laid in your hair. yes this can be painful. ask a family member to clean your hair, starting off with when hair line and taking out the eggs with fingers from all your hair one by one. This requires patience and tolerance to uncomfortable pain.

If you cannot find anyone to do this for you as this can be time can consuming, use thread for it. Take thread and wrap the thread on the comb teeth making sure all of it is done. Then use that nit comb on your hair. The narrow space and thread material will help you take out the lice eggs from your hair. You might have to apply a little pressure though.

5) Bedding for lice removal:

Also do not use the same bedding and clothes and its best to wash them all. Especially change your hairbrush after the treatment.

Repeat the above process again and again until you are totally sure that you have no lice or lice eggs left in your hair. when you are sure it is the safe time to discontinue the treatment. But it is recommended that you use the nit comb once in a week to keep a check. These tips can really help you get rid of head lice and remove lice from hair permanently.

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