How to Get Strong Teeth and Gums

Healthy and strong teeth and gums are everyone’s desire as well as a vital human need. A person is always best in health if he or she never neglects hygiene and take good care of themselves. According to doctors, mouth is where bacteria’s find their best home. And that is the main reason for our damaged teeth and gums. Taking more care with little more effort and precautionary measures can keep us away from any kind of deterioration of our teeth and gums. Consistent flossing and avoiding Teeth-Enemy items can help us get strong teeth and gums. Let’s see some of the causes for this problem.

Reasons of Teeth and Gums Diseases:

  • Also known as mother or root of all teeth diseases. Plaque is a sticky substance made up of particles like bacteria and mucus. This sticky coating covers our teeth with itself and start eating up our teeth from inside and eventually it develops to tarter which in result forms a big nice sweet home to bacteria.
  • One other major cause is smoking. No matter how much you smoke or how higher quality brand you smoke, a smoker is always at highest risk of weakening his teeth and gums. Inhaling and exhaling tobacco smoke is actually constant contact of smoke with inner as well as outer part of teeth and gums.
  • Other drugs or some particular kind of medications can also cause this problem. Apart from these, there can be many other several reasons like hormonal change especially in girls.Strong Teeth and Gums Tips

Now let’s move to some prevention techniques and cautious moves. Strong teeth and gums are necessity of a person in his personality, health, appearance etc. We might never get back to our natural position, but these points will surely help to get near to good teeth and far away from things getting worst.

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How to Get Strong Teeth and Gums:

  • Quit smoking: This will lead to major improvement in your health over all, but particularly it will make your teeth and gums grow stronger
  • Brushing your teeth daily twice, in the morning and also before going to sleep t night will keep all sorts of bacteria far from your teeth, hence gums will also be out of reach.
  • Medically, fluoride is the best cleansing substance to have in your tooth paste. So make sure you use paste containing fluoride in it.
  • Try brushing each tooth at least 15-20 times daily. This wiil keep you on safe side for missing any portion and giving bacteria a gateway.
  • Use soft strokes instead of scrubbing while brushing.
  • Don’t miss the inner part of your teeth. Any neglected portion can act as a gateway for germs. Brush all over, vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Don’t forget to change your brush after experiencing cold, bad throat or any other such natured illness. You don’t want to carry on with same germs which made you ill.
  • Also , you need to be careful with your diet items. At times , specific food items combine with bacteria already existing in your mouth and results in decaying of your tooth.
  • Avoid excessive intake of sweet. Especially sticky sweets like chewing gums, toffees etc.

Now its time to wake up and check if we are suffering with any disease which is making our teeth and gums weak.

  • Sensitive teeth. This is one major and quiet obvious sign of having weak teeth.
  • If you are experiencing pain while chewing, consider your teeth and gums weak.
  • Tender gums or gums that are pulled away from teeth is also one main symptom.
  • Long lasting bad breath is also a wake up call for you to make your teeth and gums strong.Strong Teeth and Gums Tips



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