How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Summers

Heat stroke can be deadly if not immediately treated. This is no disease but can prove to be worse than a disease. Everyone should learn how to prevent heat stroke because this can happen to anyone at any time you never know. You should be able to recognize the symptoms to prevent it before it happens. Start making yourself aware of the signs and learning ways to prevent heat stroke.Heat stroke tends to occur in summer’s peak time. When the weather is too hot avoid overexert which can take you on the wrong way. Do not indulge yourself in to work that may causes you fatigue or exhaustion in order to avoid heat stroke.

How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Summers:

Intake of fluids:
keep your body hydrated during the whole day especially when you are outdoors. Keep a chilled water bottle in your bag all the time or purchase juices and drink them often in good quantities. Even if there is scorching heat outside it will still help you make it through the day.

Light colors:
Prefer wearing light colors in summer and avoid dark colors like black, navy blue and dark purple. Wearing lose and light clothes can also prevent heat stroke. Example; baby pink, sky blue and white.

Learn more on how to prevent heat stroke, try to stay indoors at the peak heat hours. Also do not plan picnics or open air outings when the temperature is too high. Staying in air conditioned areas is a better option to prevent heat stroke.

Say no to sports:

Well this doesn’t mean don’t play sports at all. Try to schedule your sports time during the night and avoid playing during day time in the sun.

if you feel overly hot at any time, drink chilled water and make yourself cool by going to a neutrally cool room and also if you take 2 to 3 showers a day in excessive humid season it can make you feel fresh through the day. These tips on how to prevent heat stroke can help you a lot and you can also add many more tips to it according to your ease.

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