How to Treat Rash After Wax from Face

waxing is so common nowadays mainly in women of all ages. Waxing from arms and other body parts have always been rash free but after waxing from the face women often get rashes and bumps all over the skin which last from 3-5 days.  Although, women wax their faces to get a clean skin but they end up getting a redder and bumped skin for a few days which looks really ugly and makes it too prominent that you have waxed your face. What are the reasons of rashes on face after wax? why rashes appeared on the skin? These are the basic question of every women and its answer is very simple. Rash usually occur because of the temperature of the wax which is very hot when used on face for good results. Also the process of taking out the hair from the roots with a sticky substance can make it painful and cause these bumps to form on the surface of your skin. You can try the following methods to avoid getting rashes and treat rashes you got them already. How to treat Rashes after wax at home? What are the home remedies for rashes after doing wax from face are discussed in details below.

How to Treat Rash After Wax from Face:

1) Water: After you are done with waxing your face, go to the washroom, run cold water and wash your face with it. Do not use warm water on the face and also avoid using harsh soups on the tender skin. Fresh water is the best option for rinsing your face.

2) Use cotton: you should keep your face covered for a little while to prevent any dirt particles interfering with your open skin pores and causing irritation. Cut out a small piece of cotton cloth and place it on your face.

treat rash after wax

treat rash after wax

3) Stay away from heat: Yes, you need to stay in a comfortable environment after the waxing process. You can actually  treat rash after wax through following this. Many women get rash and bumps worsened because they go in to the kitchen or under direct sun light. You need to keep your skin cool, and heat is really bad for a freshly waxed skin.

 4) Toner: Another way to treat rash after wax is to apply toner on your face. Avoid using your hands to apply it because no matter how clean they are, they still are likely to carry bacteria and germs. Use a cotton ball to gently apply toner on the skin to tighten and soothe the pores. Also, make sure the toner you are using is manufactured by a reputable company.

5) Soothing lotions: You can also easily purchase soothing lotions from a good medical or cosmetics store and apply it on the waxed or rashed region after waxing. This will soothe the skin and prevent it from forming more rashes.

6) mud mask: mud mask application after waxing can also treat rash after wax. Mud masks are available easily at local markets. It is a brown powder just like mud. Add a little water to it and form a paste then apply it evenly on your face. Wash your face with cool tap water after 15 or 20 minutes or when it totally dries off.

7) Clean wax: You can also avoid the rash and bumps if you keep your wax clean. obviously this is difficult to make sure if you go to a salon for the purpose.  However, if you do it at home then keep your wax machine and wax cubes clean from any kind of dust or germs.

8) Personal hygiene: your personal hygiene is equally important if you want to prevent rashes on your skin after wax. Wash your hands properly before waxing and also make sure your face is makeup free and washed when you wax it. Moreover, avoid touching the waxed parts while you wax other parts.

9) icing: Using ice is another technique to treat rash after wax. Just put an ice cube in a tissue or wrap it in clean soft cotton cloth and dab it all around your face until it melts down. This will help to cool the rash, push in the bumps and tighten the pores. Click here to read home remedies to get even skin tone fast.



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