Mental Health issue: Dangerous Depression Symptoms

writing a list in an essay There are always some warning signs and depression symptoms which lead to suicide. Nobody takes such a step of doing suicide without any reason. You can easily notice some depression symptoms and warning signs before suicide. If we would keep such depression symptoms in our mind we can forbid all such people from suicide. If you often see around people who are looking for knowing the ways to kill or asking others of how one can kill someone, you should immediately be alert about it that he/she is going to do something silly.  

Mental health issue: Dangerous Depression symptoms:

Depression symptoms

enter Depression symptoms next Feeling trapped

buy original research paper Sometimes a person gets trapped in different matters and he feels so tense that he could not find any other way out to resolve the issue. This is another point where he can take such step of doing suicide so you must help those guys out. go site Withdrawing from friends, family and society Another very important sign of depression which escorts towards suicide is when people start withdrawing themselves from the public, their friends and family. It happens when someone is having a total messed up life. source No reason for living

see url When someone has such depression symptoms that he starts thinking, there is no other way for him to live his life or it feels like there is no reason why he is living this life then he goes for doing suicide, so if you find anyone around in such state, you can easily notice this depression sign.

follow link enter site Neglect of personal appearance This is somehow the same thing when you disconnect yourself from the outside world, when no one knows what are you doing or what are you up to! This is the time when you are planning to do a suicide because you are hiding yourself from others because of your own issues. Lack of interest in academics This is one another main cause or sign for doing a suicide and if you are a friend of someone like such person then you must understand that he can perform such act. He/she will not take any interest in academics and other curricular activities.


click Increased absenteeism

This is one of the major signs when someone is not showing up in office or school from a long time then it can led to a suicide as well because the person is disconnecting his/her personal and professional life. persuasive essays writing Keeping oneself away from all extra-curricular activities

As discussed already in academics section that a student who starts keeping himself away from the extra-curricular activities means that he is not taking interest in his life and he can be a victim of suicide later on.

Noticeable weight loss or gain

A person who is not keeping himself fit or healthy and also not giving much attention to his health might face serious issues in the form of suicide later because he might not like his appearance and he feels complex in front of others. Insomnia or increased sleep

This is another sign of suicide when a person just wants to stay in bed and he just wants to sleep whole day. That means he does not like to be disturbed by anyone and he is upset from his life. He can also become a victim of suicide.

see url Fatigue

Fatigue is a factor of suicide because a person when gets so much stressed due to anything he has done then he can select the only solution which for him is suicide.

get More frequent injuries and bruises

This is something which a person does to himself in the form of slow poison because the keeps getting injured due to his carelessness or by his own intentions. This process is continued and in the end, it results in the death of that person which is also a type of suicide. Increased disciplinary actions

When a person starts doing silly things in school, college or office, and that is done only when he does not want to enjoy that part of his life. He will start doing strange things due to which disciplinary action can take place against him and he will be charged because of that. These actions can lead him to do suicide.

Mental health issue: Dangerous Depression symptoms:

Mental Health Tips

Mental Health Tips conclusion for dissertation Increased arguing with colleagues and staff

One another form or warning sign is when someone keeps on arguing with you without any reason or cause and especially when someone does that in office or school with his professors or colleagues, staff members, it becomes very obvious that he is not well and he can also do something which will in do harm for him.

get link Mood swings

This is also a suicide warning sign when someone does not stay stable or in the same mood like if someone keeps on changing his moods again and again. This is when his mental state does not allow him to enjoy things around him. Negative change in peer group

Negative change in peer group is something which you can see around people you have like when they do not act properly among you and you that their behavior is a bit changed then it also can be a warning sign for suicide. Increased illegal actions

This is the same thing as we have seen already that if someone is having disciplinary actions against him because of his illegal actions then that also mean that he is not acting properly and he is disturbed due to something.

enter Feeling of loneliness and isolation

This feeling kills the person right away because in this scenario, you do not have anything to do except looking for ways which can either hurt you or can take your life from you. In short, it straight away takes you near suicide.

enter site Mental health issue: Dangerous Depression symptoms:

Tips for mind

Tips for mind Best Canadas Custom Essay Desire to run away

Anyone who always wants to run away from his life then obviously, he desires to run away from what is happening around him. This is also a warning sign for the suicide.

click here History of suicide attempts

A very major sign is the history, the background of a person which itself tells you the complete story of suicide attempts he has done in the past. Planning a funeral

If someone starts telling you about his own funeral then that means he is up to doing something because a normal person never talks like that.

enter Talk of suicide or death

This is more similar to the case discussed above that if someone starts talking about death and suicide or keeps asking you about the ways of suicide.



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