Quick Home Remedies For Toothache or Teeth Pain

Best and quick home remedies for toothache is provided in this article. Tooth ache can occur due to many things and can vary from mild, great to sore and throbbing pain. It can get highly uncomfortable especially when you have to go out to office, schools or any other place. It’s always wise to treat it when it’s mild. Some reasons can be a loose filling, gum disease, cavities etc. what are the home remedies for toothache and how to treat tooth pain without medicine quickly at home is presented here.

Quick Home Remedies For Toothache or Teeth Pain:Remedies for Teethache

Here are some remedies to treat the tooth ache:

  • Salt and pepper: these two act as natural anti-bacterial ingredient. The way to use it is to mix equal quantities of both salt and pepper and add a little water to it to turn it into a paste. Apply the paste wherever you feel pain and wait for a few minutes before you rinse your mouth. Repeat this once a day.
  • Garlic: mixing water garlic and salt and using the paste on your teeth and gums can also help you get rid of tooth ache.
  • Cloves: Using cloves for tooth ache is the most popular remedy. Tale at least two cloves, crush them fine and mix the powder in some drops of olive oil. You can also use the clove oil in half cup of water to rinse your mouth twice a day.
  • Salt water: sometimes a simple cup of salt water can give you the best relief. Make sure you do this with warm water and rinse your mouth thoroughly. It will help relax the gums and reduce swelling if there is any. Plus, it acts as an excellent bacteria fighter. Use of salt water and cloves are very good remedies for toothache pain for fast relief.
  • Onion: using onion is an old but effective remedy. The good thing is that onions are antiseptic in nature and can cure a tooth ache When you feel any discomfort in your mouth even due to lightest feeling of pain, chew a chunk of onion right away. This will help to take away the pain in you tooth and make you feel much better.

This article is useful for the tooth pain treatments, teeth pain treatments, how to get rid of teeth pain and how to get relief toothache quickly at home. Using these home remedies of toothache you can quickly get relief from teeth pain and relax without any medicine.



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