Smooth and Beautiful Nails Tips for women

Smooth and beautiful nails are the sign of beautiful hand. If you don’t have good nails, your impression will not be good. Well managed, smooth and beautiful nails adds more beauty in a girl personality, if a woman have smoother, healthy and beautiful nails than she can adapt the different fashionable shapes, shades, styles and designs of nails to make them more beautiful.

Beautiful hands and nails are the dream of every woman because after face and hair these two are the things which other people notice about us. It is very easy to get smooth and beautiful nails without spending too much time.

 Smooth and Beautiful Nails Tips for women

 Beautiful Nails

Here I am giving you some useful tips to get good looking and beautiful nails:

  • Don’t bite your nails, as it is very unhealthy. All the gems are inside your nails and it also looks so poor.
  • Don’t keep your nails too long as when they break, that is very painful. Keep them to a normal size.
  • Always file your nails after cutting to get the smoothness in your nails. If you will leave them as it is as you shape them, they will be so rough.
  • Soak your nails in warm water for some time, and then dry them. As, this will help you to clean your nails.
  • Use cool and bright colors of nail polish, or use two colors of nail polish. This will make your nails attractive to others.
  • Generally use neutral colors for your nail polish like peach, light pink, etc. As this will give a natural look to your hands.
  • While washing pots, doing something with harsh chemicals or doing another activity in which there is more exposure to water. Always wear gloves. Because too much contact with water make your nails rough and dry. Try this tip to get smooth and beautiful nails.

Smooth and Beautiful Nails tips for womenNail Designs

  • Apply moisturizing lotion and sun block on the nails of each finger and rub them for few seconds. Massage of nails stimulates the blood and help in the growth of nails. This is another easy way to make beautiful nails.
  • Don’t wash your nails with soaps and detergents as they absorb natural oil and make your nails rough. Wash your hands and nails with pure moisturizer, which keeps a normal PH – balance and make your hands soft and nails became strong.

These are the simple and home remedies to get good looking, smooth, healthy and beautiful nails without spending too much money on cosmetics and other beauty products.



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