Few Tips to Eat healthy food in summer

Summer is always welcomed by few people because of heat and humidity. Mostly people like winters because on winters you can enjoy everything till you cold or fever. Yes, its true cold and fever are winter health issues while food poisoning is summer health issue. In summers, mostly people eat poisoned food unintentionally and later they get sick. People don’t know what to eat and at what temperature to eat. All stomach problems get raised in summers. Here we will go through some tips to eat healthy food in summer. In fact all food items are not healthy foods in summer; one must know what right food is in summer and how to eat healthy food in summer. Here are few tips for healthy and right to eat food in summer which can give us energy and hydration.

Few Tips to Eat healthy food in summer:

  • Use plenty of fruits and vegetables in summer. They are right to eat in summers. Eat gourd and leafy vegetables as much as you can because they are water filled foods which are healthy foods in summer. Such foods include cucumber, bottle gourd, snake gourd, ridge gourd, spinach and mint.
  • Eat healthy fruits in summer like melons, tomatoes, berries, mangoes and other summer fruits.
  • Use cool and healthy beverages in summer like coconut water, fresh sugar free fruit juices, fresh lime juice, buttermilk and fruity milkshakes.
  • Use sprouts in salads frequently.
  • Drink more water as your body needs water in summer more than any other thing. These are the basics summer tips and healthy food in summer to live happy life.

    Healthy food in summer

    Healthy food in summer

  • Add complex carbohydrates to get energy which can be taken from unpolished rice, whole wheat flour, corn, pulses and grains.
  • Exclude high fat foods, fried foods and fatty meats from your food because they are difficult to digest.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages and alcoholic beverages in summer as they are dehydrating. Flakes
  • Use cereal flakes with skimmed milk and fruits in breakfast and take fresh lime juice in mid morning. For lunch, try vegetable soup, grains, salad and curd try and you can eat rive and vegetable Curry at night. It can be a good diet plan for summer.



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