Top 10 Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are an all season fruit and produced almost in every area of the world. Bananas are also the most easiest fruit to eat, you just peel and eat it. No dirty hand, no knife needed to cut, no time spent either! Just like apples, Bananas are also considered the major fruit in the world of fruits. Bananas provide you with nutrients and also give instant energy to people. There are many health benefits of banana which if we get to know will change our thinking towards it. Top ten benefits of banana for health and fitness are given in this article which will be helpful for you to stay healthy and happy.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Bananas:

1) Energy in Bananas: Bananas are a source of instant energy for people. Players like cricketers and footballers often eat a banana to get instant energy and perform well. There is no fruit better than banana on earth if you want to raise your glucose and energy levels with in minutes then you should eat banana as much as you can.

 2) Banana as a Anti depression: Bananas work as anti depressants and increase the happy levels in your mood instantly. It is high with tryptophan levels in it. So when ever you feel down, grab a banana and eat it till it makes your day better.

 3) Banana for Sportsman: Eat a couple of bananas before you go for workout in order to prevent muscle cramps in your legs and arms. You can also eat bananas before you go for sport activities to keep up the blood sugar level. Banana will help you stay active throughout the work out or your game, whatever it is.

4) Good for face: This is a good news for the women out there. Bananas can also be very useful to enhance women beauty. Instead of investing on expensive cosmetics women should get some bananas and make yourself look pretty. Mash some bananas into a bowl, add sugar and a little milk. Form a thick paste, apply it on your face as a scrub and leave it for a few minutes before you rinse it off. Banana plays an important role to enhance women beauty and health because of important beauty enhancing elements presents in the bananas.

5) How Bananas improves immune system: There are so many more health benefits of bananas such as strengthening the nervous system and providing calcium to the bones. Banana is highly rich with vitamin B6 which further makes the body healthy and improves the immune system.

6) Bananas for Babies: Health benefits of bananas are also for the babies out there.  Little babies are not supposed to eat the normal food adults eat, so in order to make sure they get the required nutrients you should mash some bananas and feed them to the babies. Most of the babies love bananas and eat them without any trouble. It provides them with energy and vitamin B6.

7) Banana effects on Blood Pressure: Bananas have low salts but are quite rich with potassium. It helps to prevent heart strokes and also lowers down the blood pressure. Therefore it is good for the patients who often have blood pressure and heart complains.

8) Health Benefits of Bananas For Stomach:benefits of bananas

Another health benefits of banana is that it keep the stomach healthy and help soothe the patients who have problem of Gard. It helps in curing the stomach ulcers and also protect the lining of the stomach from harsh things.

9) Fiber in Bananas: Bananas are rich in Fiber and so do wonders to the people having constipation as it eases the bowel moments. Why take heavy medicines when you can treat so many problems from eating bananas.

10) Benefits of Bananas for Students: Banana is for all the students out there.  Take advantage of the quality of potassium in bananas. Before going to take an exam, eat two bananas and feel how alert you are with better thinking ability.

11) Mosquito Bite: If you happen to have a bug bite or a Mosquito bite on your body, you can stop the itching by rubbing  the inside of the banana peel on the affected area. Click here to read the Top Benefits of Banana For Men & Women of Every age.



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